Car Leasing Bodyshop


Are there any hidden costs?
No, but please note that rentals and initial payments are ex VAT.

Who Supplies the vehicles?
All our vehicles are supplied from one of our UK dealer Groups.

Do vehicles have a warranty?
Yes, all vehicles come with the full UK manufacturers warranty.

Is roadside assistance included?
Yes, all vehicles include either 12 months or 3 years breakdown recovery, depending on the manufacturer.

Is delivery and collection included?
Free UK mainland delivery and collection Included.

What are my options at the end of the contract?
You can either hand the car back, extend the contract.

How long is the lease period?
Contracts range from 12 to 36 Months.

What is the initial deposit?
Normally just one month’s payment is paid in advance for our Courtesy Cars, but many bodyshops now opt to pay an increase first rental, directly reducing the monthly rentals.

Can I reclaim the VAT?
100% of the VAT is reclaimable, providing you are VAT Registered.